What’s in my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe?

Orange Coat
Check Blazer
Beige Trousers
Pink Wrap Cardigan
Beige Blazer
Cream Pleated Skirt
Trench Coat
Grey Cashmere Jumper
Nude Heels
Leather Blazer
grey polo
Beige Cashmere Sweater
Lace up Boots
Organic Cotton Black Tee
Square Neck Black Jumper
Light Wash Mom Jeans
Black Bias Cut Skirt
Black Cashmere Sweater
black silk shirt
Leather Look Trousers
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(Most items in my wardrobe have been sourced second hand, so will not be shoppable. If you have an questions about sourcing items this way, just drop me a message and I would be happy to help.)

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