Meet Gemma..

I am a Style Coach and Wardrobe Consultant, with a mission to help women get to grips with what exactly is going on inside their wardrobe – not just psychically, but also mentally and emotionally. Our wardrobes house more than just our clothes, shoes, accessories and everything in between.

It holds memories from every hot date, friend’s wedding, every job interview we nailed (or didn’t).. It reminds us of that time we went our shopping with our friends and stumbled upon the most incredible vintage shop. It can also remind us of our body insecurities. The weight we have lost or gained. The feelings of not being brave enough to wear that sequined blazer we love so very much.

It can also be a grappling for the past, of times we aren’t quite ready to let go of.

Our wardrobes are so much more than just clothes. They are a reflection of our personalities and who we choose to show up as in our world. They are a representation of our mood that day. They are an opportunity to transform ourselves into someone new. They are a reflection of our inner selves.

A lot of the time when people struggle with their wardrobes; whether that’s not knowing how to dress now that they’re a certain age, or now that their body has changed, or they’re not feeling brave enough to be ‘seen’ in the world; there are so many underlying issues at play. I’m not a psychologist, so I can’t completely fix any of these issues for you, but I can help you to identify them, and push you a little outside your comfort zone through your wardrobe to get you to a place of feeling brave and excited to try something new, and to express the real you hidden inside.

Studies show that clutter can affect our mental state, and that clutter includes our clothing and our wardrobes. A more simple, curated closet can have a huge impact on our lives. We have to look at our wardrobes every single day. It should be a place of calm and comfort, not stress!”

“When we can tap into the control fashion has over us, then we can truly start to be the decision maker in our own wardrobes. The fashion industry has been built in a way that keeps us wanting more and feeling like we need more, because it’s good for business. As conscious consumers we need to be considerate about what’s good for us.

Gemma McLean

Gemma earned her University degree in Fashion Design. She had a focus on sustainable fashion after working with a slow fashion and zero waste designer, Sepideh Ahadi, in Berlin. She wrote her final year thesis on ‘How our Clothing affects our State of Mind‘ and her interest in Fashion Psychology grew from there. She knew this was an area of fashion that wasn’t tapped into by the everyday consumer and it had more power over us than we were aware. Gemma believes this is a crucial part of developing a more considered approach to fashion and consumerism, and in creating a wardrobe that feels good.