Maybe now you’re thinking “Gemma, what has gratitude got to do with building a wardrobe?” 

Well, gratitude affects ALL areas of our lives. If we take our health for granted, we get sick. If we take our money for granted, we don’t get any richer. If we take our relationships for granted, we lose people from our lives. And if we take our wardrobes for granted? Well, we end up with unhappy wardrobes. 

I’m writing this at 6:36am after waking up at 4am with a really bad pain in my stomach. With no idea what was causing it or what would fix it, I grabbed a hot water bottle! (Fixes all pains, right?). My mind also went straight to thinking I had some kind of terminal illness that I’ve been ignoring for all these years of bloating. Then I thought “if I expect illness, I’ll surely get illness”. According to the Law of Attraction, you attract what you think about. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about something you do or don’t want, if it’s on your mind then it’s going to affect your energy field (stay with me, even if this feels a bit woo-woo).

For the month of February I am [was] reading The Magic; a sequel of sorts to The Secret, one of the most popular LOA books out there. The Magic is a 28 day gratitude ‘challenge’ where you focus on being grateful for different areas of your life each day. Because of this, when my pain arose, I decided to switch from negative thinking to positive thinking. I thanked my body (or the universe/my higher self/whatever you believe in) for my good health. I thanked it for my amazing digestive system.. for my immune system.. for keeping me safe and well during the pandemic.. for allowing me to live a pain free life.. for my eyesight.. for my warm bed.. a safe home to live in.. food in my cupboards… etc

I found a gratitude meditation of YouTube by LifebyLucie and I listened to that and focused on all the things I have to be grateful for. While doing that, and breathing into my pain trying to relax my muscles, the pain subsided.

Now, I’m not saying being grateful immediately got rid of my pain. I’m not sure it works so easily. But I am saying that focusing on gratitude this month has meant in times of uncertainty I chose to focus on the good instead of that bad. I focused on what I had in my life that made me healthy and well, instead of googling my symptoms and convincing myself I was terminally ill. I chose to stay calm and centred and trusted that this would pass. And maybe it was just a sign that I need to be MORE grateful for my body and my health, not just in my thoughts but in my actions too. Drink the 2 litres of water a day, get outside for fresh air and exercise, take the supplements, avoid the foods that bloat me (or at least figure out what they are), do my yoga, use my body; instead of just thinking about being grateful, show my appreciation for what I have by using it!! It reminds me of some parable in the bible that I remember from school, not that I’m religious at all nowadays; but it was about talents. One man tried to store his talents away to keep them and hang on to them, while another man used his talents as seeds to sew and reap more talents.. is that it?? Anyway, long story short, it’s important to be grateful for what we have, because when we appreciate what we have, we get more of it. 

So what has this got to do with my wardrobe?

So how can we use the Law of Attraction to create a better wardrobe? Here’s how…

In terms of our wardrobes; when we focus on all the negative in our wardrobes like “I’ve nothing to wear” “I don’t know what colours suit me” “I can’t wear XYZ” “I’m useless at putting outfits together” etc.. we bring about more bad feelings. Instead of going there, focus on the GOOD in your wardrobe. Maybe you feel like you have nothing to wear, but actually you have a LOT of clothing so maybe if you pulled out your favourite pieces and put them all together you’d create a mini wardrobe that you love!

Instead of focusing on what you can’t wear for whatever reason you think you can’t (age, size, gender, beliefs, what someone has told you you can or can’t wear) focus on what makes you feel great, and roll with that. Appreciate the wardrobe you currently have because you spent your hard earned money on it and at one time or another you liked these pieces enough to buy them. 

Tips to bring some positive energy to your Wardrobe

* Grab 3-5 pieces from your wardrobe. Look at each piece and say one thing you like about it

* Stand back and look at the amount of clothing you own. Be grateful that you had the money to buy all of these items, because some people struggle to buy just their necessities (not to make you feel guilty – just grateful!)

* Go all Marie Kondo on it, and thank the pieces you no longer love for being there for you when you needed it, and then let go. Sell them, donate them, give them a new home! 

Remember, what you focus on grows. So do you want to grow the negative or the positive???!!! Hmmm, I though as much 😉 

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