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About Gemma

I am a Style Coach and Wardrobe Consultant, with a focus on fashion psychology and fashion wellness. I use fashion and style as a wellness tool when working with clients, because I believe that there's more going on inside our wardrobes than just what we wear. It how we feel, how we choose to present ourselves to the world, and it holds a lot of what we believe about ourselves and our lives. Clothing can be a huge mood-booster, or a mood-drainer! 


My mission is to help you to build an authentic wardrobe and style that reflects the inner you and allows you to live your life on your terms, as you best self. I want to build you a wardrobe that not only looks great, but feels great, because great style starts from within!


I also focus a lot of sustainability within my work and try to help clients to build a 'new' wardrobe out of the items they already own, or in a more sustainable way; through shopping pre-loved and vintage, choosing quality pieces that will stand the test of time, choosing versatile pieces that will be interchangeable within their wardrobes and ultimately build a versatile wardrobe with heaps of longevity. 

I have a big advocate of a Capsule Wardrobe. Less is certainly more when it comes to your closet and once you can build a collection of versatile pieces in a colour palette that suits you and your lifestyle, your outfit options will be endless!


I love talking about style and capsule wardrobes, so feel free to get in touch if you would like a short consultation or just a quick chat about how we can improve your wardrobe together!

How we can work together

I offer a range of services, from 1:1 coaching to online programs you can do in your own time.


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