As I’m now embarking on a Low Buy year for 2021, I wanted to do my final tally-up of what I bought last year. I think in order to have a successful low-buy year, I need to be aware of how much I bought last year. Awareness is key!!

You may have already read my Mid Year purchases review for 2020 (If not, you can read it HERE), and see what I bought from January to June.



Grey M&S Cosy Hoody, Depop (second hand)


This was more of a ‘lounging around the house’ piece that I bought to keep myself warn while on furlough. I think it was a total win becasue I wear it almost everyday at some point, whether that’s while I’m WFH now, or when I’m popping out to the shop to get more oat milk and I don’t want to think about what to wear; just something cosy.

It’s not the greatest texture, my rings do get a bit caught in it when I’m taking it on and off, but that’s just a minor thing really.

M&S Leather Boots, from Depop (second hand)


These are an investment for the future piece, as I actually bought them to wear to my wedding (funny enough, I’m not engaged yet, but I do know it will happen in the near future). I saw Charlotte Jacklin wore a similar pair of lace up ivory boots on her wedding day and it kind of clicked in my head that I should too because I’m much more of an ankle boot kinda gal than a high-heel gal. The comfort level will be much appreciated on the big day I’m sure. Until then these boots will remain unworn and under my bed, but I cannot wait to wear them afterwards. I think the cream boot would add a really nice touch to a Winter wardrobe (if I can avoid getting them dirty).

Buy new HERE


Leopard print Platforms (second hand, Depop)


Unfortunately I never really got to wear these over Summer 2020. I didn’t get out much, as I’m sure you no one did, and so they remained a piece I styled in videos. I absolutely adored some of the looks I put together with them, and in early January I had every intention to wear them this year, but I think if I didn’t find a way to wear them last year, regardless of weather or lockdowns, I probably don’t love them as much as I love some of my other shoes. And therefore, they’re now up on my depop for sale.

P.S. I’m having a big Depop sale until the charity shops open back up, because I am eager to get things out of my space. If you’re interested, my username is @gemmafff (from my Fashion Floor Fillers days)

Rotate Birger Christensen Velvet Dress, Net a Porter Sale


I bought this dress as a bit of a treat to myself for my 10 year anniversary with my beau. We had been planning a trip to Paris in September, which was cancelled due to covid, but we went out to Sky Gardens in London, and got engaged that night. Lucky I had a fab dress!

This isn’t necessarily a sustainable purchase in that the designer or fabric is particularly sustainable, but it’s a special piece I know I’ll have for years and already have an idea to wear it to a wedding in 2021. It will come out time and time again and I feel like it’s a very classic style that won’t date.


Red Puffer Jacket, Zara @ TkMaxx (Scotland)


This was 100% an impulse purchase, but also a purchase of necessity. I went on a trip to Scotland during the summer and didn’t pack a coat. I mean the weather in London was amazing, but Scotland being Scotland it rained a LOT. So I needed a coat. It was a lovely piece, made from recycled polyester, but I just didn’t need it an it didn’t fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. I since sold this on Depop.

Manolo Blahnik Stilettos, £30 depop (second hand)


My Wedding Shoes (yep, bought before the engagement)

I couldn’t resist these babies when I found them on Depop. I had been searching for the Hangisi (these ones) style and came across these. I believe the are the same style but not the satin finish, of course. The soles were damaged when I got them, hence the low price. I spent £55 getting them half-resoled at The Restory, and they look almost new. The body of the shoe still needs a bit of a clean but I’m so chuffed with them. My wedding motto is ‘Something Borrowed, Nothing New’ so I’m so happy I found such lovely ‘old’ wedding shoes.

You an follow more of my wedding planning on IG @SOMETHINGBORROWEDNOTHINGNEW

Mother of Pearl Leopard Trousers, £42 The Outnet Sale


These trousers, what can I say?! I love them so much. AS you can see they work great for end of summer outfits and also Autumn and Winter. I have worn these so much. Unfortunately the zip broke so I haven’t worn them in a little while – I need to fix that! But I truly love them. I boguht a size bigger than my usual, because my size sold out, so they are a little roomy, but I still adore them! WIN WIN WIN! I’ve probably already had my 30 wears.

New Look Rose Gold Strappy Sandals, £6 + £3.10 delivery, Depop (second hand)


I was looking for a nice shoe to wear with my date-night dress (above). I have recently been eyeing up some of the styles from Rouje and Sezane, so when I spotted these on Depop I thought they were a great dupe. I wanted to incorporate a little bit of french style into my look, as I thought I would get to wear this outfit in Paris.

When they arrived however, they were actually rose gold, which I would never buy knowingly, because it’s a cooler tone than yellow gold and I enjoy a warm colour palette. also I personally think true gold is a bit classier.

What helps them out is that they’re quite a comfortable shoe, so I know in the future I will get wear out of them, for more occasion wear. But so far I’m not sure I’ve worn them.

Vegan Strappy Sandals, £8, New Look Sale


I probably bought these at the wrong time of Summer, ie. THE END, but I feel as though they’re a timeless style that I can carry through to next year, and for years after that. I wore these the weekend of my engagement with my blue sparkly dress and they were surprisingly comfortable. I wore them from Friday to Sunday and although they rubbed my feet a bit, it wasn’t anything intolerable. Not bad for a first wear I think. I’m so excited to get these back out in the warmer weather.

I did buy them brand new, which you guys will know I don’t do very often, especially from high street stores. These are from the New Look ‘vegan’ range. I put this in inverted commas because isn’t all plastic / PVC vegan? It is a great ploy to entice consumers looking to make a better choice, but it’s not really any better than any other kind of plastic faux-leather products.


Pink Dress, £4.25 Charity Shop


I bought this dress to wear to my mini engagement brunch I had with 2 of my friends. No party allowed, so that’s how I celebrated. It was lovely. It was only in my apartment, but I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the dress. When I first tried it on I was IN LOVE with the fit, although it is quite snug and definitely not a lot of room for food in there. I think I’ll get some wear out of it again in the summer. I can’t wait! I feel like a goddess in this dress and that’s how clothing should make us feel!

Black PVC Pleated Skirt, Charity Shop £3

Yup, I bought this during my shopping ban. Originally I had thought of it as a Christmas gift for someone, but on second thoughts I wasn’t so sure. Maybe in that moment I just forced myself to find ANY reason to buy it and not leave it behind. HOWEVER, I love it! You might know that I have a cream pleated midi skirt that I wear ALL the time, so this was a nice addition to my wardrobe. It’s like the opposite of the cream chiffon style, but can be styled with all the same things. It has a more fashion-forward look to it than the feminine chiffon. I’m very into it!


Black Wide Leg Trousers, £10 BNWT Charity Shop


These black trousers need to be hemmed before I can wear them, so I can’t judge if they will be a good fit into my wardrobe or not. I do feel like perhaps the below pair will work better for my wardrobe because of the lighter shade, but I still have hopes for this pair. I had wide leg trousers on my wishlist for a while, so when I spotted them both in a charity shop at the same time, I went for the two pairs.

Reiss Brown Wide Leg Trousers, Charity Shop BNWT, £18


These brown wide leg pants – pants of dreams! I found them brand new with tags in a charity shop, just as my 3 month shopping ban ended. Like I said, wide leg trousers has been on my radar for a while, so I jumped at the chance to get a normally pretty expensive pair for a very good price second hand!!

I’ve worn them quite a lot already. I also had to hem these, but that obviously got prioritised over the black pair. I made them around ankle length, so they don’t drag along the ground.

Colour Block Jumper, Iris & Ink @ The Outnet (new)


The only purchase from the seasonal sales; this almost vintage looking jumper. My style focus for 2021 involves a lot of knitwear, as I’m not WFH for the foreseeable, so I need to be warm and comfy. I’m trying to add good quality knitwear to my collection that will last after many many wears. Let hope this ones holds up against wear and washing. But so far I am in LOVE with the colours, the print and just the jumper in general. I’ve only owned it a few weeks though, so only time will tell. As you can tell I still don’t have any proper photos of it, as I’ve only worn it once or twice at home.

Brown Loafers, bought new


My final purchase of 2020 was half imulse and half thought out. I had really wanted to get a pair of brown loafers, preferably second hand and really good quality. But then I ended up in a Penneys over the holidays with my family, and didn’t manage to resist. I haven’t bought anything in Penneys/Primark in a very very long time because I simply don’t go in, but once you see the prices it can be hard to avoid. **Not judging anyone who shops there**. So if you, like me, are trying to avoid buying things from unsustainable brands or lesser quality brands, just don’t go into the shop!!

Saying that, I’ll try my best to get great wear out of these, as I have my black loafers.

That is my round-up of 2020 purchases. How did I do?

I’m going to add these pieces with the pieces I bought in the first half of the year…


WINS: 22


STILL DECIDING: 4 (no worn enough to know yet)


I hope this post gave you something to think about; whether you are adding WINs or FAILs to your own wardrobe, and how you could make better, well informed decisions going forward.

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