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Adopt a new attitude to styling with personal stylist Gemma McLean.

Words by Megan Hill

Gemma McLean is a style coach and wardrobe consultant; and fashion psychology is her secret weapon. Gemma’s mission is to equip clients with a mood-boosting wardrobe that encapsulates what it means to be you.

Fashion has long been dismissed as a frivolous pursuit, and therefore the fashion industry’s potential to contribute to the wellness industry has been largely dismissed. However, Gemma is fully aware of the power of dress—when approached mindfully, our wardrobes have the power to make us feel confident, positive and inspired. Gemma’s approach to styling helps you do good, as well as feel good. If your style is a true reflection of self, it is considerably less vulnerable to manipulation by trends—your shopping habits should support you, not the fast fashion cycle. For Gemma, personal style manifests as a wardrobe that feels grounded and comfortable—comfort is always key.

“Getting dressed is something we do every day—we might as well benefit from it!”

Gemma McLean, Personal Style Coach & Wardrobe Consultant

We spoke to Gemma about the transformational power of dress, the benefits of sustainable fashion, and the best clothing markets to mooch…

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