Styling Services

Are you overwhelmed with your wardrobe? Do you struggle to get dressed in the mornings?

Do you ‘have nothing to wear’?

Do you want to build a more sustainable wardrobe but just don’t know where to begin?

Are you in need of a little help piecing together the perfect wardrobe WITHOUT having to go shopping and buying even more?

Wardrobe Consultation

I am a firm believer that most of us have everything we need already in our wardrobes, but having too much can hinder our abilities to see exactly what we have and can really overwhelm us when trying to piece together our everyday outfits.

This service helps you create the perfect Capsule Wardrobe for you, without having to buy a whole new set of clothes. I will show you that you already have an incredible wardrobe, and with the right knowledge you will be able to put together completely new outfits from what you ALREADY OWN!

Life is busy enough without struggling to get dressed in the morning. Start your day the right way with a wardrobe of items that make you feel amazing and that you are excited to wear.

Step 1. Consultation. Assessing what you already own and what you are looking to get out of this service eg. a simple 30 piece capsule wardrobe, tips on how to piece together an incredible outfit, helping you to rediscover the items that have been lost in your wardrobe, and much more. This can be done via Skype or in person.

Step 2. Monitoring. I ask you to monitor you outfits over a period of time to determine what you gravitate towards wearing the most and so we have something to work with in terms of your everyday style. What do you wear the most? Do you have a style uniform? What makes you feel good? What doesn’t make you feel good? This can be done by taking a photo of your outfits and writing a few words about how you felt in these outfits throughout the day.

Step 3. Wardrobe Detox. This is the fun part. We will pull everything out of your wardrobe and keep only what makes you feel amazing. Some people will have lots to work with, and others not so much. If you have less items and don’t want to replace anything then we can work with what you have with some simple styling tricks to leave you with brand new outfits that you love, from pieces you didn’t know worked so well for you.

Step 4. Follow up. This is an optional stage but a very handy tool to have after the process. I will put together a document of all of the outfit options in your wardrobe that you can refer to time and time again, which will make getting dressed an absolute breeze! This can be broken down into work appropriate outfits, everyday looks, occasion wear and everything in between.

I want to hear from you!

If this sounds like something you need, I would LOVE to chat with you today about how we can build you you’re dream wardrobe.

Get in touch at or through any of my social media platforms with any questions about the service.


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