We all have those holy grail items in our wardrobe that we couldn’t live without, and seem to gravitate towards all the time. I’ve picked my top 10 to share with you guys on your journey to creating your very own Capsule Wardrobe, or if you struggle to find the basics to put together simple outfits.

Biker Jacket: Depending on your own style you may like to go for a biker style, or you may like a collarless style, but either way a faux-leather jacket is a staple for any wardrobe, in particular a black one. It can dress up a striped top and jeans, or dress down a pretty dress.

Polo Necks: I have a few of these in various colours (black, grey, cream, mustard and striped) and they go with the majority of pieces in my wardrobe from a-line skirts to under a short sleeve/sleeveless dress. They’re a great layering piece, and can be worn all year round if you live somewhere like Ireland!

Oversized Jumpers: I prefer to wear something more fitted one the bottom and something a bit oversized on top so these are a staple for me, but depending on the fit you fancy, knitwear is a definite staple for anyone. A jumper, jeans and boots is the easiest go-to outfit you could have in your wardrobe.

Trench Coat / Faux Fur Coat: For autumn/winter my faux fur coat is my first point of call, but for warmer months I gravitate towards my trench coat. It’s a classic piece that I don’t think will ever go out of style.

(Skinny) Jeans: ..or whatever is your preferred fit, but skinny can be the easiest to wear in terms of just throwing on any top and a pair of boots. Once you find your perfect fit you’ll know which style suits you best.

A-Line Skirt: This is the most flattering style of skirt for my body-shape It nips in the waist and skims over the hips, either slimming bigger hips or adding curves where there is none. I have 3 of these now, denim, black and leopard print.

Ankle Boot: Can you go wrong with black ankle boots? Not really.. They go with everything.. The end!

Black Leggings: They’re a great basic, but also an essential if you like to be comfortable. My ultimate outfit is an oversized jumper, black leggings and a pair of ankle boots or runners to be even comfier.

LBD: We’ve all heard before how essential these are, but especially nowadays when layering has become such a trend, you can layer your t-shirts and polo necks under your LBD to get some wear out of it during the day too.

Crossbody Bag: It’s the handiest and safest of all bags, and the easiest to carry.

Check out my video HERE if you would like to hear me chat more about my Wardrobe Essentials and how I style them.

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