For those of you who aren’t ready to turn your whole wardrobe into one capsule wardrobe, I’ve created a mini 17 Piece Summer Capsule to show you how you can use a core capsule as the foundation for most of your summer looks. This can be changed up each season to keep things exciting!

I understand that creating just One big Capsule Wardrobe can seem daunting, especially if you’re used to having a lot of clothing, so I wanted to come up with something more introductory and easier to navigate. I pulled these 17 pieces from the rest of my wardrobe (I probably have around 40 pieces altogether – at a guess). These are the pieces I’ve reached for the most during the Summer so far, and they act as the CORE of my Summer wardrobe. These pieces are incredibly versatile due to the fact that they are mostly plain pieces, except for the pop of leopard print, and follow a bit of a colour scheme (black, white, blue, brown, rust/orange). This means that it’s going to be so easy to pull together quick outfits from them. All of the tops go with all of the bottoms, and the extra layers (shirts, blazer, button down dress) can be layered over any of the tops and bottoms together.

These pieces are also quite ‘staple’ capsule wardrobe pieces in that they would form the base of almost any Capsule – jeans, tshirts, tank tops, shirt dress, shorts, skirt, button-up shirt, jumpsuit, sandals, trainers, a day heel, a blazer etc. There’s nothing too fancy about these pieces because most of them aren’t the ‘statement’ pieces in my wardrobe. The bright orange jumpsuit is probably one of my more statement summer pieces, just because of the colour, but it is a plain enough style so it mixes well with my basic pieces.

Using my Fashion Maths rule, I can work out roughly how many outfit combinations we should get from just these 17 pieces.

[  { (6 tops x 5 bottoms) x 3 shoes } x 2 outerwear  ] + [ ( 2 dresses/jumpsuits x 3 shoes } x 1 outerwear ]= 185+ possible outfit combinations

This equation doesn’t take into account that some of the tops can be worn with the dresses and jumpsuits, and that the shirts can be worn as an extra layer. These are so many possibilities once you learn to play around with your items. A button down dress doesn’t have to be worn as just a dress, it can be a long lightweight jacket when worn open. You don’t have to layer tops UNDER our jumpsuit or dresses, you can also layer them OVER top and turn your jumpsuit into trousers or your dress into a skirt.

Check out my latest video for the full 32 Outfits >>>

I hope this helps you if you have been wanting to try out a Capsule Wardrobe but aren’t quite ready to cull absolutely everything you own just yet. Try this out for a season and you’ll be surprised how many more options you will have, because it will just be easier.

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