Wardrobe Cleanse Package
The purpose of this package is to build a wardrobe tailored to you and your needs, and work out what pieces work best within your own wardrobe, for your lifestyle. We can discuss possible styling options to get the more out of each piece you keep and making your wardrobe work for various occasions.
The result will be a wardrobe that feels good, works for your life and rids you of the constant urge to shop for more.
• Initial consultation: by zoom/phone/email. 30-45 mins. This is to chat through what you’re hoping to achieve from this process, where your wardrobe is now and get a sense of your personal style and lifestyle. Basically to determine what you need out of your wardrobe and create a plan of action.
• The Cleanse (1-2 hours): by video call zoom/WhatsApp/etc. This is the part where we tackle what’s in your wardrobe. We can do a try-on declutter or just a chat through. At this point it’s also good to determine what your usual style is and what colours you’re most drawn to and want to include in your wardrobe. This will help when deciding what pieces to keep and what to get rid of. Creating a colour palette can really help hone your own style and lessen shopping regret.

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