Each of our Personal Styles is made up of a balance of different style personalities. This is what makes our style unique. But when the balance is off it can feel completely wrong.

I will teach you how to work with the clothing you already have inside your wardrobe, and turn them into outfits that feel 100% your style! You will be able to incorporate trends and styles into your own wardrobe seamlessly with the tools you’ll learn in this class.


In this Masterclass I’ll be sharing my technique for creating endless outfit options that incorporate various style personalities (edgy, boho, classic, casual, sporty, feminine etc) but that still feel like YOU!


This Masterclass will consist of a 1 hour video session, with a presentation, visually showing you how to use the pieces in your own wardrobe, and break them up into your core style and your ‘rotating’ style. There is also a free workbook to guide you through discovering what you truly love to wear, and somewhere to document the process of discovering your true, authentic style.


This truly is a game-changer when it comes to getting dressed and you will save yourself so much TIME and ENERGY (and MONEY) in the future once you have a wardrobe and a styling method that works for you.


*NOTE: The Video session is linked within the workbook. Please download the workbook and you will find the video on page 2 of your workbook.

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