There are a lot of different variations of Personal Style out there (see my video on Finding Your Personal Style), and some of us have a mix of a few. Personally, I like to think of my style as quite classic with a hint of feminine, edgy and boho. I don’t try and rock all of these styles at once, but depending on my mood I will be classic/feminine, classic/edgy or classic/boho. If it’s summer, I may venture into boho/edgy or feminine/boho but only for special occasions. Day to day the classic elements of my style stay put. These are the core pieces in my wardrobe, such as a pair of straight leg jeans, a blazer, a basic tee, a crew neck sweater, etc. What I put with these basic looks is what decides on they ‘style’ I’m going for that day.

Below I’ve styled up quite a classic outfit, a blazer, t-shirt and jeans, into 4 different variations; classic, feminine, casual and edgy. I would happily wear any of these looks because it holds onto the classic elements of my style: the basics.

Beige BlazerOrganic Cotton Black TeeBlue Jeans

Which look is your favourite? Let me know in the comments <3

Personally, I would wear CLASSIC to work, FEMININE on a date, CASUAL for the food shop and running errands and EDGY on a night out.

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